Think Twice

After our hiking Table Mountain, we decided to visit the Greenpoint Market, a local goods market available only on Sundays. While there, we spoke with several stall owners, met some really fun folks, and even bought a very cool oil painting on canvas that we can roll up in our suitcase to easily transport home. But the highlight of our visit was coming across this beautiful soul singing her heart out in the middle of the marketplace. We never even got her name–somehow it didn’t seem appropriate to interrupt her or ask any questions. She just kept singing song after song with barely a pause between them. She had one local fan, the man standing next to her and clapping loyally. This man, who was obviously a little crazy and also had fallen on hard times, asked her for a “loan” from her “bank” (her tiny tin of small coins) to buy himself some cigarettes. She kindly obliged with a simple nod of the head, and he took about half of what she had.

As we blog and post photos and videos, we try so hard to capture the essence of our experiences. It’s not just to share them with our friends and family–it’s also so that we can remember them. This is one of those times when nothing we say can capture the feeling, the moment, the meaningfulness of the experience we had just being near this woman as she shared her songs with us. Her voice on tape is gorgeous, but still it does not do her justice. Her sweet song, her graceful movements, the timbre of her voice, her kindness. She is exquisite. We never want to forget her, so here she is for you to remember, too:

Think Twice from Sam and Shannon Bloomquist on Vimeo.

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