Dancing on the Table

The port in Capetown is one of the most beautiful that we’ve ever seen. We cruised into the harbor just before sunrise and got to watch the sun come up over the water and shine its splendid rainbow of colors onto the waking city with its picturesque backdrop of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head.

That was all the encouragement we needed to grab our hiking boots and small party of friends (Adam, Courtney and Holly) and make for the beautiful backdrop we saw from the ship. Table Mountain offers a gruelingly steep 1.5 hour climb up through a narrow, rocky gorge, but the spectacular view once you make it to the top is oh-so-worth the effort.

In high school and college, the two of us would go to hear a favorite band, Dog Talk, play at the Rathskellar Biergarten in downtown Indy. We learned there that if you get up on the table, you gotta dance! Holly was smart enough to bring along her iPod, so we had tunes. Adam brought along his flip camera, so we had a means of capturing the moment. A fun and friendly German student studying abroad in Capetown for a semester named Niels came along with enthusiasm for our table dancing mania, so we had company. Niels even helped us convince a few Aussie passersby to join up…and on the table, we danced.

Dancing on the Table from Sam and Shannon Bloomquist on Vimeo.

Spontaneous moments of goofiness and fun with strangers are definitely one of the highlights of a trip around the world. Here’s to you, Niels!

We closed out the day with a visit to the Green Dolphin club to hear a sweet little South African jazz trio groove through the night. You can’t visit South Africa and not go hear some jazz. These guys were tight, and the martinis were smooth-‘n-tasty. Great views, great company, great music, great first day in South Africa!

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