Goodbye, Indy!

Sam and I have embarked on a month-long voyage through Central America with Semester at Sea. We will miss the month of May in Indy, which is sad since May is probably the best month of the year for Hoosiers. Sad, yes..but it’s a small price to pay for some high sea adventures. More about those later. This post is about leaving home.

If you know us well, you know that when it comes to traveling, Sam and I are procrastinators. We typically stay up all night long before a trip, doing laundry and packing. We always intend to leave the house nice and clean, but we usually leave it a mess. We always forget something material and something logistic–these things are “normal” for us. Basically, we always have fun once we get there, but not before we leave.

This time around, things were different. Not only did Sarah provide me with make-up advice and Susan give me the gift of a fantastic haircut so I could arrive in Central America in style, but Sam and I didn’t forget anything while packing. We slept 8 hours the night before we left. We flew to Charlotte, successfully switched planes, and made it to Ft. Lauderdale right on time. We must have been extra innocent-looking passengers, because for once airport staff never chose either of us for a security screening. We boarded our ship, the MV Explorer, at 4pm on 5/6 with all of our travel documentation in order. The entire day, we had no problems whatsoever. We unpacked our stuff, and everything fits into our room’s closets and drawers just fine. Our suitcases even fit under our bed!

But can we actually take credit for theses successes? Nope. We had lots of help!! A BIG thank you to all who made our trip possible:

Libby, the ONLY reason we got to the airport on time!

Eric, who moved into our house to take care of it and our pets while we are away and who has already befriended Amelie.

Wayne & Libby, who are looking in on Alley Cat when Eric goes out of town.

Becky & Jordan, who will be watching Amelie while Eric goes out of town.

Larry & Claire, who will be picking us up from the airport when we come home in June.

Archie & his parents, who are on call for Eric if he needs them.

Mary & Kelly, who inspired us to sail the seas (and who helped us score a room on the ship).

Thanks!!! You are the best family and friends we could ask for…and we realize we couldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you. 🙂

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