Family Matters

If there’s one thing Karl Winslow taught the world, it’s that family matters. Never have we agreed with him more than here in Vietnam, where we are very thankful to have had a wonderful visit with Wayne and Libby. They flew to Saigon from Cambodia to see us here on the far side of the world, and what a time we had! While we are loving the SaS experience, we really miss our family. Seeing Wayne and Libby in Vietnam was just what we needed!

Soon after our ship was cleared by Vietnamese immigration, Wayne and Libby boarded the MV Explorer, met many of our new friends, and experienced the grand tour followed by lunch. We didn’t realize how good it would feel to share the ship and Semester at Sea with people from our “on shore” life. The fact that someone from home is now familiar with our life on board makes us so happy. It also makes the whole voyage experience feel more real because our two lives have finally intersected. We explored Vietnam together and talked about home–so surreal.

We went to coffee shops together–they’re all over Saigon. We tasted delicious Vietnamese iced coffee together. We became addicted to Vietnamese iced coffee together. We will probably also go through Vietnamese iced coffee withdrawal together–Wayne and Libby in Cambodia, and us on the way to China. Even so, I think we all agree that it’s worth it.

We visited the Củ Chi tunnels and the Mekong Delta together. We ate great food together, shopped together, and caught up on life together before they flew back to Cambodia a couple days ago. They’ll soon fly back to Indianapolis for a month of visiting that we would have missed had they not taken time out to see us during our short stay here. Thanks, Wayne and Libby, for making the trip. We’re so glad you joined us in this surprising and beautiful place for a few days of family time! We love you and miss you already. When you arrive in Indy, please don’t forget to give everyone the hugs we sent home with you!

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