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Open Source JSON Can’t Compare to Three-legged Belizean Monkeys

Poor, neglected blog. Normal life as an Indianapolis software developer just isn’t as exciting to write or read about as three-legged dog-riding monkeys in Belize. Be that as it may, I do have a little something to share with the world today…and hopefully we’ll have more entertaining travel stories in the near future. Geek Post […]

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Check Your “self” Before You Wriggity Wreck Yourself

I had an annoying day of trying to track down memory leaks and other memory-related iPhone development problems yesterday which turned out to be caused by a really simple and careless absence of the word “self” in one of my initialization methods. Observe. itemId = itemIdentifier; is definitely not the same as self.itemId = itemIdentifier; […]

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Vibra-slappa rata-tat-tatta

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks. We started, finished, and released to the App Store our first iPhone application and launched a new iPhone consultancy company, Believe in Science Software. Right now it’s all still pretty exciting, so I’m feeling both exhausted and extremely energized at the same time. The app is […]


The New Year

2009 is here. The weather in Indiana is just as depressing as it usually is this time of year: gray skies, brown trees, too cold to enjoy very many non-snowy outdoor activities, not consistently cold enough to keep some snow around. Spring can’t get here fast enough. Weather aside, though, 2009 is gearing up to […]

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Open Source Software Collaboration with Daan

I recently had a cool experience with open source software and the worldwide internet community. A while back I was working at a giant insurance company that had a history of ginormous development teams and projects that grew way beyond original scope, went way over budget, and were occasionally canceled even after completion because the […]

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Subversion pre-commit hook for Redmine

Close on the heels of my last post, here’s a little pre-commit script to help integrate Redmine issues with svn commits. The basic idea is that you can’t commit code to the repository without referencing a Redmine ticket. I searched the tubez for quite a while looking for something else like this. I found this […]

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Migrating from Trac to Redmine (on Dreamhost)

I recently switched a couple of side projects I had hosted with Dreamhost from Trac to Redmine.  The process was surprisingly easy. Even though the actual migration was easy, it took me a long time (almost longer than my patience would tolerate) to find the command that would do the import of wiki data, tickets, […]

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