Cribs: Addo Edition

Great travel is about fun people, enriching experiences, and beautiful sights. Our amazing safari adventure showed us that it can also be about exquisite accommodations. At Addo we had a private chalet with outdoor jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor showers (heated by a solar-powered geyser), sheets almost as fluffy and highly threaded as the ones Grandma Jo uses, and a fully stocked and complimentary mini bar. Sam especially enjoyed the freeing experience of showering naked in the African wilderness (apologies in advance for the mental imagery).

The reserve is in a mountainous region, and it got quite cold on our first night, but the awesome staff built a toasty fire in our wood-burning stove, served us delicious hot chocolate and turned on our electric blankets for perhaps the coziest night’s sleep we’ve ever had. The monkeys chattered us to sleep right outside our window, and they woke us in the morning by using our canvas roof as a trampoline. The trip was a delightful mix of sustainable luxury and natural materials and surroundings, and we’re still savoring the memories.

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