If you’re going to sin, sin boldly.

We’re back on board the MV Explorer for a couple weeks of fun visiting many different Caribbean islands. We plan to blog as much as we can about our various ports of call, but we’re likely to fall behind at some point because we’re a little busier than we were the last time we set sail. If you’re curious about our itinerary, here’s a link:

Shannon and I are both working in the ship’s “casino”, which is to say that she’s behind the library desk, and I’m working in the computer lab. When the Institute for Shipboard Education purchased the MV Explorer from a Greek cruise company back in 2004, they got rid of all those jingling jangling slot machines and replaced them with beautiful rows of books and humming computer processors…much more to our liking and easier on our wallets. The staff and lecturers for this voyage include many repeats from the two voyages we did in Central America last May and others before that, so it feels like a family reunion with hugs and happy hellos all around. Around 50% of the passengers have sailed on some type of SAS voyage before as well, which makes all the staff and crew feel good about the experience we’re giving to them.

The first night we arrived on board, we were sitting out on the back deck of the ship contemplating whether to eat a large chocolate brownie for a late night snack. Our famous friend and shipmate Dr. Iain Campbell solved the dilemma with a bit of biblical wisdom from Corinthians: “Sin boldly, that the grace of Christ might be more manifest.” I haven’t been able to track down the exact verse just yet, but it is definitely the coolest verse in the Bible. I followed this advice, have no regrets, and plan to continue following it in the future.

Thursday night we also both had the privilege of seeing our first green flash. Very cool. On our last voyage every night that we were outside to watch for it, there were too many clouds on the horizon to see it.

The ship is sailing for Puerto Rico, and we’ll be there in just about an hour.

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