Viet Transit

There are lots of ways to get around in Vietnam.

You can walk…and until you get used to the flow of pedestrian traffic, you’ll feel a little like you’re taking your life into your hands every time you cross the street.

But all that walking makes you want to stop and drink Ca Fe Sua Da – the world’s tastiest and most addictive iced coffee drink. SaS old-timers call it “crack coffee” for good reason.

You can take a boat.

It’s easy to make friends on a boat.

It’s even easier to make friends on a high speed motor boat. The particular friend pictured below, Huy, gave us all kinds of insider tips about where to get the highest quality market goods. He also works at a coffee shop, so we got to go see him later and drink more Ca Fe Sua Da…full success!

The problem with boats is that the rivers are very tidal. You’ve got to time your boat travel well or you could get stuck on the wrong side of the bridge…

…or be forced to wade across the dock.

Some places are too narrow, so you’re better off in a canoe.

Tired of the water? You can take a bus. Vietnamese folks who take buses are also very friendly.

Tired of making friends? You could ride in a sweet auto. The number of cars in Saigon is skyrocketing, and the government is trying hard to build up the road and highway infrastructure to support them.

If the sweet condensed milk in your Ca Fe Sua Da has you worried that your abdominal 6-pack may soon transform into a keg, you might think about switching to a bicycle. Bicycles get infinite gas mileage (shout out to Garrett), and they’ll take you off the beaten path.

Traveling by elevator isn’t bad either, especially if you bump into your shipboard extended family. Awww, our kids are the best!

But the absolute best (and by best, we mean the most thrilling) way to get around Vietnam is the mode of transportation that lets you easily carry babies, giant birthday presents, and large stacks of vegetables: motos!!

Motos in Vietnam from Sam and Shannon Bloomquist on Vimeo.

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