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Father’s Home Link

I realized that I forgot to post the link to the Father’s Home Care Ministries organization we visited in Ghana in the Bright Future for Ghana post. I’ve updated the post with the link, but for those of you who only read the blog via RSS subscription, here it is:

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Birthday Kicks

When you’re living in a tiny cabin on a ship with the birthday boy, it can be difficult to keep presents a surprise for over a month. In a small space where we share every nook and cranny, where can I keep anything hidden? I can’t! So, I enlisted the help of several people to […]

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The Best Flamenco Singer in All of Spain

You gotta love Spanish culture. Machismo, fine wine, tapas, flamenco, Rafa Nadal. We felt very fortunate to get a chance to visit southern Spain, also known as Andalusian Spain, where many of the classic stereotypes originated and are strongest even in this modern era. Everywhere we turned there was stunning architecture, natural beauty, history to […]

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Burnin’ this feed

I’ve got big plans to completely re-design and re-write Step one is to start using feedburner so that we can see just a little bit more about who’s out there and whether anyone is reading what we’re writing. If you’re currently a subscriber, would you mind doing us a favor and updating your feed […]


Healthy Quakers Won’t Completely Prevent My Getting Naked

I recently noticed that the Quaker company has been healthy-ing up its products.  Two of my favorites, Natural Granola and Instant Oatmeal, have dropped high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils from their ingredient lists.  I thought it was interesting because the change wasn’t accompanied by any marketing hype.  I expected at least a […]

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New Low Price for Identity Theft

Our neighborhood, Irvington, is wonderful and we love it.  But the truth is, outside of our cozy little block of historic two-bedroom bungalows, the east side of Indy is littered with payday loan stores.  These are only outnumbered by gas stations, pawn shops, and rent-to-own furniture stores.  Every day, I drive by a cash advance […]

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