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Fiascoes in Paradise

The semester ended on December 13, but we remained on the ship to work in the library and the lab during a three week Enrichment Voyage through the Panama Canal. The Latin American itinerary is nearly identical to the voyage we did in 2009, so we spent lots of time reuniting with old friends from […]

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Screwed by Screwpine

Between South Africa and India we enjoyed a stop on the lush and beautiful island of Mauritius, northeast of Madagascar in the calm and clear blue-green waters of the Indian Ocean. Only two days and one night ashore are nowhere near long enough to spend in such a tropical paradise, but we managed. We rented […]

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Skype-ing at the Cathedral

One of the students’ favorite things about Spain was the fact that less than a 5 minute walk from the ship, the city of Cadiz offered free high speed wifi in the plaza of the cathedral. During academic voyages, crew and students pay a hefty fee for Internet usage on the ship, so this plaza […]

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Beach-slapped in Barbados

This year, our voyage has had very few days at sea and many, many days in port. That is awesome because we get to see lots and lots of different countries, but it’s easy to wear yourself out if you don’t pause and take it slow every now and then. In Barbados, we decided to […]

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A Whale of a Tail

The island of Dominica (pronounced “doe mee NEE kuh”) is a volcanic island rich in natural beauty and vastly undeveloped to date. Like most of the eastern Caribbean islands, tourism is the main economy, but at Dominica the focus is on eco-tours to the rainforest, hot springs, and waterfalls as well as small mom ‘n […]

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Life’s a beach.

Life on the ship was crazy busy during the last couple of days of our voyage, so we had little time to blog and reflect. Good thing we missed our connecting flight to Indy thanks to rain delays in Fort Lauderdale. We finished the Belize post! Good thing our bags didn’t make it on the […]

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Dolphin Smooches

Eeeeeaaaaheeeeee-e-e-e—eee–eeee-ahEEEE-EE-EE!!! That’s dolphin for “I like fish. I want some more! I will kiss your sweaty face if you’ll give me some FIIIISH!!!” And on our second visit to the island of Roatán in Honduras, we learned a little bit of dolphin from our new water-bound mammalian pal, Anthony. Anthony is a 3-year-old male dolphin […]

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