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P90 Botwaeku

Another part of our village stay included a performance by a professional troupe of Cape Coast drummers/dancers/fire-eaters/acrobats called Botwaeku Dance Ensemble. Drumming for a living creates some pretty impressive arm muscles. Dancing/acrobatics for a living produces some pretty impressive muscles all over your body. As with any performance art, sometimes still images do not convey […]

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Suckretariat Rides Again — D.B.A. The Nerdy Noobs

Last month I tried my luck at another adventure race. This time it was the Planet Adventure Sprint Race Redux. This race was a re-schedule of the original PA Sprint race that got rained out by the 500 year floods back in June. (Mitch, Lauren, Shannon, and I were tent-camping in the 500 year flood […]

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A few weeks ago I participated in the Indianapolis Adventure Race – a combination of trail running, orienteering, canoeing, and mountain biking with an emphasis on teamwork.  It was an incredible experience, and I’m definitely hooked on the sport.  Here are some lessons learned: 1. Picking the right team is everything. Physical fitness is important, […]

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