Laughing with another Rolando

On Shannon’s b-day I got separated from her and the previously mentioned Rolando for a couple hours while I rode on the other bus from our ship performing my duties as a tour group leader. Coincidentally, my guide was also named Rolando. He was very happy and had some great insights to share:

  • “We have 2 ports, this one for freighters and cargo ships and another one for cruise ships. I have no idea why you were sent to this one, but I’m happy about it! Ha ha ha!”
  • “Happy with the air conditioning? It’s very cold, so just let me know if it’s problem, and I’ll open the window to warm it up. Ha ha ha! I’m just kidding.”
  • “Please tell me i’ you have questions because I have to tell you…sometimes I have no idea what I need to talk to you about. Ha ha!”
  • All these people when they go picking the coffee, they just go down and attach the rope to the tree and tie around them. Ha ha, yeah, that’s the way they pick the coffee. ha ha ha.”
  • “Now we’re going to whzzzzzzirrrsssshhhh up into the mountains. Whzzzzzsssh! That’s what we’re going to do.”
  • “Esteban says to say ‘hi’ to all of you because he cannot stand up and say it himself right at this time. He’s a little busy with something else. Ha ha ha ha.” [I wonder what Esteban — the bus driver — was busy doing.]
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